Achievement Points

Achievement Points are titles that you acquire for unique or special actions that occur to your character in the game. This system is completely optional and you are in no way required to even bother with it. Achievements have point values based on their rarity. Common achievements earn you 5 points, Uncommon achievements will earn you 10 points, and Rares will get you 15 or more points. For every 100 points a player collects they may increase any stat by +1. Some achievements are unique and can only be gained by one player, unique achievements do not give points but rather a special ability or perk.

If you wish to participate then you must make sure you keep track of relevant information (for example how many kills you have for Death Incarnate: Kill 100 Enemies)

PointsAchievement NameConditionDanialDaniel
5Hit like a MinionDeal minimum damage  
5Classic FailCall for a success and roll a critical failure  
5M-m-multi killDeliver killing blows to 3 or more enemies in one encounter  
5The Broadside of a BarnMiss on 4 attack rolls in a row  
5Would you Just Stand Still!?!Evade three attacks in a row in the same encounter  
5Auuuuuuggggh!Successfully cause an enemy to fall at least 20 feet  
5So Close!Fail a saving throw by only one point  
5Town DrunkConsume at least 5 drinks in a tavern  
5Speedy GonzalesRoll a natural 20 on an initiative check  
5Right on the ButtonKnock an enemy unconscious with exactly the right amount of damage  
5Lights Out!Get knocked unconscious  
10Well I’ll be…Get knocked unconscious by a minion  
10T.A.N.K.Take all the damage for one encounter  
10Be careful what you wish forCall for a Critical 1, and get it.  
10That’s how it’s done!Call for a Critical 20, and get it.  
10Pwned!Roll a critical 20 on a daily attack  
10Just a Flesh Wound?Take more than half your Hit Points from one hit  
10Boo-yahLand two critical 20s in one encounter  
10Whirling DervishHit 3 or more opponents in a single round  
10Bull’s EyeHit with two ranged attacks on the same target in one round  
10This is b*shit!Get hit with two critical attacks in one encounter  
10Oh, Come ON!Critically fumble 2 attacks in one encounter  
10Sole SurvivorBe the only party member alive at any point in an encounter  
10Hey… you…Successfully convince a character that you are a close friend of theirs  
10Can’t touch this!Take no damage for an encounter  
10Down, boy!Successfully rear a wild animal  
10How you doin’?Successfully seduce an NPC  
10PrematureIn the First Encounter of a Session, Expend the use of all of your Daily Powers, all of your Encounter Powers, your Action Point and your Second Wind.  
10All-round heroHeal an ally and Attack an enemy in the same round  
10BlingHave a magic item in every slot  
15OverkillYou reduce an enemy to -20 or less HP with one hit  
15Death IncarnateKill 100 enemies  
15Gratuitous ViolenceDeal more than 100 damage in a single hit  
15Mass MurdererKill 5 foes with a single attack  
15Solarplexussayswhat?Successfully down a healthy opponent (100%) in one blow  
15There once was a man with an airshipPilot an airship  
15Trick DiceRoll 3 natural 20s in a row  
15Back Off! He’s Mine!Defeat an enemy single-handedly, without that enemy damaging you.  
50I get knocked down, but I get up againGet knocked unconscious 3 times in one encounter  


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