Skill System

Skills have the following rankings:

Rank Points Needed
Untrained 0
Novice 5
Apprentice 10
Trained 13
Expert 15
Master 20
Grand Master 25

All characters have access to “untrained” skills. You can train up to a limit depending upon which experience tier you’re currently at :

  • Heroic: you can train skills up to Expert
  • Paragon: you can train skills up to Master
  • Epic: you can train skills up to Grand Master

If a character’s skill is the same rank (or above) the rank of the task, it is automatically passed. For instance, a character ranked expert in a given skill will automatically succeed a task ranked expert or lower. If a character’s skill is one rank lower than the task, he must pass a check with a difficulty level of 15. If a character’s skill rank is two ranks lower than the task, then it is impossible for the character to do.

Skill List

Skill Base +2 Synergy Bonus if trained in
Acrobatics DEX
Animal Handling WIS or CHA Nature
Arcana – Knowledge INT
Astronomy INT or WIS Nature or Arcana
Athletics STR
Blacksmithing / Masonry STR or CON Endurance
Bluff CHA
Cryptography INT or WIS Insight or Thievery
Diplomacy CHA
Dungeoneering WIS
Endurance CON
Fishing / Hunting DEX or CON Nature
Geography – Knowledge WIS or INT Nature or History
Heal WIS
History – Knowledge INT
Insight WIS
Intimidate CHA
Linguistics – Knowledge INT or WIS Diplomacy or History
Nature – Knowledge WIS
Sailing / Piloting CON or DEX Perception or Nature
Perception WIS
Religion – Knowledge INT
Stealth DEX
Streetwise CHA
Thievery DEX
Tinkering DEX or INT Thievery

Skill System

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