An unimposing man, with a slender build. Often keeps most of his face and his twin blades Vargas and Sabina concealed underneath his cloak.


Full Name: Unknown, simply known as Reznik
Race : Human
Class : Ranger
Alignment: Good
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Light Brown

Physical Description:

Simple. Plain. Ordinary. These are the common words used to describe the man known as Reznik, in truth he looks more like a wanderer then a hero. The only distinctive mark he bears is a large scar that runs down the right side of his face. Even this mark however, often goes unnoticed as Reznik usually covers his face with the hood of his cloak. He carries with him at all times two very eloquently crafted blades, although most of those who are unfortunate enough to see them don’t often live long enough to tell others of their beauty. Like his face, they are concealed within his cloak up until the very moment when he truly needs them.


Not much is known about Reznik’s life before the academy. He speaks very rarely, and when he does, it is never about himself. In fact, very few people at the academy know more than his name. He took to blade training like a wolf on a fresh kill. He tore away every inch of knowledge from his trainers, until he could see the very structure of armed combat itself. He took great delight in honing his art, but it left him with little time to socialize. This fact never seemed to bother Reznik however, in fact outside of his occasional meetings with Zakaria, Reznik made very little conversation. There was one thing that Reznik never kept secret, and that was that he had very little time and patience for showboats and blade-happy heroes. He butted heads with one student, an elf named Draughtanon Lithnel, numerous times. He felt that Draughtanon was far too focused on glory and personal pride then protecting the people of Palantir.


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