Nim Copperspring Windwalker

A small unimposing Gnome. Nim blends in well and is always mistaken for a Halfling with Elf mannerisms.


Full Name: Nim Coppperspring Windwalker
Race : Gnome
Class : Mage
Alignment: Good
Age: 145
Sex: Male
Height: 3’5
Weight: 55 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green

Most of Nim is covered by what seems like a green cloak that is overly big for him. The cloak completely wraps around his body and almost looks like he’s about to trip over it. Not much protrudes from this cloak other than the top of a quarterstaff and Nim’s bobbing head.


When the child was born, he was examined for any sign of weakness and if there was any, for the good of the tribe and to keep it strong the child was left for the wolves. This not only kept only strong Gnomes in the tribe but also the hungry wolves off their trail. The day Nim was born, his mother knew right away just by looking at him that he was physically weak, wouldn’t be able to survive, would end up being a burden on the tribe. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him as a tasty meal, she did what any mother would do. She got him to safety. In the middle of the night she snuck off down to the river that her nomadic tribe had made camp by for the day, there she placed her child in a basket safely secured on a raft and send it down stream. Anyone watching would have seen a single tear come down her cheek and for a few moments she held a little bit of compasion towards the child. Then he was gone. To a better life, not the one she has here, here was only for the strong, the cunning, the devious, the do whatever it takes to survive. She wished him the best. If only she knew what she was giving away, if only she knew.

Days later, a couple was out on a nightly walk, enjoying the nature of the wood and the peacefulness when it was suddenly loudly interrupted. Lucan and Keyleth Windwalker made their way to the river bank. When they arrived, they both looked at each other in shock. The noise was as they suspected, a crying baby. A Gnome baby. They had to see it for their own eyes and they did. Was this really happening, they couldn’t believe it. The couple, being unable to produce a child of their own for whatever reason had prayed to the gods for years. Their prayers had now been answered. They quickly scooped the small child up off the bank of CopperSpring Lake and rushed the child home to tend to him. They don’t know who would ever give up a child, as it was what they wanted more than anything in the world. The Gnomes are known they o be wild and out of control though and always doing unpredictable things so they weren’t going to question it anymore. They were going to raise the child as if he was their own. Being a Gnome he would most likely out live them and be able to tell the tales of their family for centuries to come. They named him Nim, a translation from ancient Wood Elf meaning “Gift”.
Things weren’t easy for Nim though. He grew up among the Elves, everything they did in their culture was natural to them. They lived in the forests, hunted, moved among the woods so stealthy like and were so graceful with their movements, it all came so easily to them. Nim grew up as an outsider with many questions he had to answer but couldn’t. He had only known his adoptive parents, Lucan and Keyleth Windwalker. He couldn’t answer what he did not know. As Nim grew older he realized he couldn’t keep up with the Elves when it came to anything physical, so eventually he was not invited out to any of the games the other kids played. Nim took to himself and his books. He spent a lot of his time with his family and the older elves. This led him to pick up a lot of skills, quirks and the ability to speak with others in a convincing manner at an early age. Both his Elven parents were people of the woods, highly respected Elves and were adept among the woods. Both were master with the physical prowess of a bow and sword. So it was disappointing to them when Nim applied to be an apprentice at the Elven School of magic. They tried for years to teach him how to hold a sword or shoot a bow and it never stuck. Nim preferred hiding, tricking and he never knew why. He just felt at ease when he was playing tricks on his fellow elves. Rarely did they catch him or find out it was him. It got even easier when he joined Elven school of magic. They armed him with even more tools and tricks at his disposal.
On his 100th birthday, his adoptive parents surprised him with a gift of a family Elven cloak, it had been with the Windwalkers for generations and it was now Nim’s turn to wear it with honour. His parents recognized his value and expertise in the school of magic as he had finished at the top of his class and as he had been offered a full time position within the school. They were proud, he wasn’t like Lucan or Keyleth in that way, but so much of them was apparent in Nim. A few years later, the Guardians paid a visit to his village. He had never seen them before but had only heard about them. They weren’t there long but Nim found himself leaving his Village with them. He didn’t know why. He didn’t want to go, he loved his village, he had a purpose here, he had everything he needed. His family was wealthy, he had a few friends at the school of magic, he had respect as a mage, all of his books were here and on top of all that he was the best trickster in the village. He was never caught and the odd time he was he was able to charm his way out of it. He didn’t want to leave at all. Why did his parents allow this to happen? They weren’t upset when he left, just said to make them proud. He was entering the large world now. He didn’t like it.

Nim Copperspring Windwalker

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