Maester Varos

Maester of Ships


The first human Maester in close to 500 years. Maester Varos was born on the Isle of Kildaire. Seeing first hand the way the Northern Kingdoms are left by the Imperium to mostly fend for themselves, he vowed to join the Council and change the allocation of resources within the Imperium. He left Kildaire and has kept up a pretense of being a citizen of the Kingdom of Del Aerias, which has allowed him to climb the ladder of the Ivory Tower and eventually become Maester of Ships.

Even after sitting on the Council for over 20 years, Maester Varos has been unable to sway the Council to allocate more resources to the Kingdoms of Kildaire, Silvermyr and Wintercoast. He thus took it upon himself to send help to those less fortunate kingdoms through alternate means. He founded the Storm Runners, a pirate guild lead by Captain Cloudreaver, to steal weapons and supplies from the Imperium. The Storm Runners then help and defend the three lesser kingdoms.


Maester Varos

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